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Every time I try to make an edit on photos I send to my phone from my camera it crashes. It’s sad because of one, the cost and two because this app has so much potential with all of the features that make it very similar to a mobile version of Lightroom. It’s very frustrating as a creator to keep losing the edits I’m making half way through the process every. single. time.

I highly recommend it

the app is great, I love using it in my photography class. Taking photos in the app I don’t like as much as Lightroom, but the rest of the app is great. It has a lot of cool features from making your photos look better to making memes. If you are thinking abut getting it, do it. Spend the $2.99

Wish there a eraser in the light leak

Update 9-19-18 Still love this app but theirs one flaw that needs to be fixed. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why when I used afterlight it would not save the photo on my iPhone or iPad. I could take a picture edit it but the only way to save it was to send it to my WD my cloud, Amazon photos, iCloud photo, google photos, flicker photo and so on but it would not save the photo on the phone or iPad. Called Apple and they was very helpful. The problem is if you have on iCloud sharing on it will not save your photo. The only way for it to work is to turn off iCloud photo sharing. Which I did and the app works. Turn it back on and it stops working again. I do like the app but also like to make albums to share with friends and family. Please update the app so I can use iCloud photo sharing. I like this app a lot but I wish there was a way to not only fade light leaks but to erase parts. Example I had a picture of my little girl on a pier and wanted to use a effect in the light section that looked like clear dots when I used it it looked great on the water it looked as if the sun was being reflected on the water but didn’t want that effect on the face of my daughter. Also I wish it would leave the EXIF data in the photo.

Unusable with a large library

I have 110,000 photos on iCloud and my device. Even with an iPhone X this app is unusable - it crashes constantly on image select and if it does open an image lags so badly it’s unusable. Waste of money if you have a large Photo library.


This app has been crashing every single time i use it.


In the previews it shows selective hue is an option but where the hell is it?!?! HELP!!!


Diay promete, solo eso

Yeah it’s just that one thing that is going to make me feel like a good thing


Phenomenal — but crashes frequently

App is amazing. Really great features, but crashes very frequently. It’s frustrating to work on a photo and then lose the work.

Totally worth the purchase!

Afterlight has been nothing short of awesome for me! I use Lightroom and photoshop to edit my photos normally, but Afterlight does such a good job and does it much simpler/faster. I recommend this to everyone I know! Whether you take photography very seriously or just want to improve your Instagram game, this app is perfect for everything.

No HSL sliders

Please add HSL sliders or I'm giving it one stars. The selective hue is just useless


Afterlight is my favorite photo editing app to use. I love all the options and filters. However, for whatever reason, this app runs so incredibly slow for me. I have an iPhone 7+ so it’s not like it’s a super outdated model. It will constantly freeze and take insanely long to respond, frequently just crashing all together. I’ve deleted and reinstalled, still to no avail. I will continue to use as like I said, i love the editing options. But good god it runs like trying to open The Sims on a Windows 98 desktop computer.

Confusing, but amazing editing platform

At the beginning on my time experimenting with my photography and “selfie culture” this was one of the first editing apps I tried. Opening it up I just saw loads of symbols most of them which are actually paid purchases! Frustrating yet determined to find a more simplistic photography enriching software, I deleted the app. Fast forward six months, my Instagram game is on point- gaining 1,040 followers. So after also seeing my other Instagram inspirations and favorite accounts, and how professionally they were editing their photos I had to dive deeper. I later stumbled upon Afterlight again and decided to attempt to learn the tools so I could achieve the light leak aesthetic look. After about a week of getting used to the controls and organizing, I paid for the full version (which turned out to be relatively inexpensive) which encouraged me to completely change my theme to one of more happiness and color. Definitely recommend! xx

Good so far 🍃

Most apps I’ve encountered have constantly been asking for a subscription. And of course, they make their best features premium. Like, what’s the point of an editing app if you can’t use it to it’s full potential? I’d rather pay $1-5 for an app that lasts a lifetime than buy a subscription that makes you pay $10+ every month. Especially because my parents hate me buying subscription-based apps. Which is why I’m glad I found Afterlight. My personal favorites are the dust and grain filters. They really fit my aesthetic need. Though, I’d really like it if you guys added more fonts. Preferably from, if you can even add fonts from there... **** Keep up the good work and thanks for making my pictures prettier :)

Afterlight 2 is way beyond perfection but...

But please, pretty pretty please, do bring back those original light leaks and polaroid frames coz that’s what make Afterlight app exciting and interesting. Can I ask you guys a question? Why did you remove it?! Those pretty light leaks and polaroid frames before.. I miss them so badly 😢😭

Great but crashes a lot!!!

Please fix this bug!! Other than I absolutely love it.

Love this new version

Very intuitive and easy to navigate through different settings.. keep up the good work glad it’s in my editing apps ...

Worth it

My pictures look amazing

Best app

This is literally one of thee best apps ever!

Crash Crash Crash

Really enjoy the features in the app, but it crashes during every editing session. The app has crashed on me 4 times already today after force closing, restarting the phone, and trying multiple other ways to avoid the issue. This app would easily receive 5 stars if it didn’t crash so much.

Love it if it wasn’t so buggy

Compared to the first version this one crashes a lot specially every time you use “clarify” I find myself going to the old version a lot out of frustration, if it wasn’t for that I will give it the 5 stars.

The text

Whenever I try to put text over a picture the quality is terrible. I love everything else it’s just that the text is really blurry and is one of the main things i need.


app keep crashing!!! please update and fix!!! i can’t even edit a picture halfway through before it crashes and i lose everything i worked on

Where are the Polaroid frames ?

I’ve been using Afterlight for years and recently upgraded to the new version. I can handle the changes but what I truly miss is the Polaroid frames! Where are they? Am I missing something here? :(

First Impression

I’m loving the app. This makes it a lot easier to edit my pictures in one place rather than having to use a lot of different apps to for different features. I mainly love the dust, grain, light, glow, and color shift options.


I have had Afterlight 1 since it came out, and I absolutely loved it. I didn’t see a reason why the creators needed to replace it all together with this version. Because Afterlight 1 is no longer available in the App Store, I can no longer use the features that were my favorite: like the borders that looked like polaroids. If I can choose one thing to add to this version it would be that! Otherwise I will unfortunately be saying goodbye to this Afterlight. I don’t like the new light leaks (why not keep the old ones and just add new ones?), the layout, and the new filters. Please bring back some of the old options!!

Still the best photo-edit app out there

I have the iPhone 6S (model A1688), and in recent weeks I’ve been experiencing more crashes while using the app. Typically when I’m toying with the “gradient”, and “color overlay” filters. Aside from that minor inconvenience, the first Afterlight was great, this new Afterlight 2 is amazing, nearing perfect. Two years ago I had 5 photo editing apps, but because of Afterlight 2’s new features, it’s rendered three of those apps useless. The ONLY thing keeping me from deleting my second photo-edit app is it’s “focus/tilt-shift” tool, and it’s “blur” tool. That would be the only thing I could possibly imagine you doing to improve this incredible app!

I can’t believe this exists

I have been looking for an app literally just like this for years and I had settled for vsco but then suddenly stumbled upon this hand crafted piece of art formed by God himself. It gives you all of the features vsco allows plus ten billion more. And without having to pay for all of those filters. This is a one and done payment of so little and if you have even only one photo you’d like to edit, buy this app.

Amazing 🤩🤩

This app makes my pictures look absolutely beautiful. I love how well done this app is especially for the price❤️❤️❤️❤️


I love this app but something is wrong with it. Whenever I try to lower or heighten the contrast or the brightness it get all pixelated and turns black and white and you can’t see anything by black and white pixels. I hope they fix this it’s annoying.


I love the functionality of this app, but it always randomly closes in the middle of editing and I lose all my work. This has happened so often, I’m going to have to switch to an app I like less. So annoying.

Awesome App ❤️❤️

I absolutely love it.

Not working

Currently when ever I try to filter one of my photos it turns the entire picture to black and white massive pixels. You can’t see any of the picture. This also happens when I try to use the “curves”and contrast buttons among others. Is there going to be a fix soon? (iPhone 6)

Great simple app now stop asking me to leave an review #damnit

Great simple app now stop asking me to leave an review #damnit


Looks like it has cool features but the app always crashes when I’m in the middle of trying to use them. :( I have the first afterlight which is nice but I hope this app works for me eventually since I bought this one. I have an iPhone 6 so it’s pretty slow/old but this is the only app that constantly crashes when I try to use it.


I saw a person get this on their insta story and saying the money was worth it and just watching them transform their photos so beautiful from such popping colors by this app I just had to get it , thank you mom for going to the store and buying me a iTunes gift card just for this I love you so much , so worth it!! ♥️


Removed the only feature I used this app for – Polaroid frames.

Annoyed and waste of money

App constantly closes on me in the middle of editing pictures. I sfull have yet to have it open for more than a minute. This isn't a free app, so I expect it to AT LEAST stay open and not shut down. Disappointed and annoyed that I had to pay for something that doesn't even work!

Afterlight 2

I love this app! It’s so easy to use and there are so many options for the price! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!


Love this app! I am not the most tech savvy but they make it so easy. Truly made a difference!

Love it, but FIX it.


Shuts me out

The app is great and amazing, wonderful for beginner photographers however my only two cons is that I’ll be near the end of editing and the app will shut me out and then I have to restart all over again so I tend to save my photos every once and a while to make sure that it will be saved and when you click on a tool, for instance the grain tool, it will take forever for it to load and then to save it it takes a while also, I still use it for all of my photos I take, would recommend unless these two things might annoy you or if you need to like do a really quick edit, I don’t think the tools taking forever to load will amuse you

buggy, crashes all the time

I loved the original after light app, and I was so excited about the new features in Afterlight 2. Unfortunately his app crashes, freezes, and is slow constantly. I’ve tried software updates, reinstalling, and even when I upgraded my phone to a 8 plus it’s still a piece of garbage. All around a bummer because when it actually works it has really great editing options

Motion effect

Please add some effect for motion to my photo

Nice, but not the best

In my opinion the app should have more (and better) filters. Vsco is nicer, even the free version

I love it but...

It’s a great app! I’m glad I spent my money on it, but I wish there was a tool where you could keep one object in the photo colored and the rest b&w. But other than that. It’s a great app!


I freaking love this app. One thing I love to do is edit photos and after getting this I just love editing even more. The filters are great, the overlays are great, and literally anything else you can think of is amazing! Would def recommend!

Recently disappointed...

I have been using After light 2 for over a year and it has been a great way to edit my shots on the go for easy posting. Recently, however, my app has crashed repeatedly in the middle of my edits and made me start from scratch, which is very annoying and wastes time. By no means am I saying this is a bad app...I love the features I can use but I'd like it to not crash or at least save my work to continue later so I don't lose all my progress unexpectedly.

Great app for art too

Love this app I’ve used it on my art photography along with sketches and the double exposure. Endless possibilities and great fun. I’ve been a Visual artist for over 30 years and highly recommend it.

Intuitive but Still Improving

I pray for it’s continued intuitive behavior. Amen

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