Afterlight 2 App Reviews

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Amazing Photo Editing App

Afterlight 2.0 is fantastic!! I have used Adobe Lightroom CC for years. And to be honest, it is an exceptional app. BUT, I hate the subscription model. HATE IT. Then I discovered Afterlight. I bought version 1. Then came version 2. What an amazing improvement. Amazing! It works seamlessly with Photos. I can switch between the two, using the best features of each. Then end result is superb. And the final printed product is excellent. Why pay a monthly subscription when this 5 star is a mere $2.99.

Excellent but needs a few tweaks

This app NEEDS the ability to go back and edit our edits. Would be nice to go halfway thru our list of edits and manipulate saturation/exposure/vignette sliders.

Keeps crashing on Iphone XS Max

Love the app, but it has been crashing a lot since I got the iphone XS Max. They need to put out an update to fix this issue.


I am new to photoshop. I think that this app is a lot for someone new, but is easy to pick up on through trial and error. All in all, a great app that has tons of ways to change a picture to be just the way you want it to be.

A keeper

I am not a pro-level user, and have not tried every photo app, but I have tried maybe a dozen, and I am enjoying this one a great deal. I am still discovering things I can tweak, and as I do I keep finding myself being impressed by thoughtful touches in the interface. It’s all a very smooth experience. Nicely done!

Crashes on iOs 12.

I love Afterlight 2. It’s literally my go-to when I want to edit my photos. But I’m rating it 2 stars ever since the update it has been constantly crashing on the iOs 12. Please, fix it.

Missing features

It’s missing features from the old version...

Needs more stickers!

Great app! Amazing for edits! Simple to use just needs more of a variety on stickers!

App crashes all the time.

This desperately needs an update. My app crashes all the time. Probably 5 times a day..


As an iPhone photographer this is my main go to as my editing app!

Well this was unexpected

I have an iPhone X and I just bought this app because I wanted to up the quality of my editing on just my phone. Little to my knowledge that this app actually doesn’t work very well with iPhone X. The done button‘s and export are completely disappeared and it won’t even let you turn it sideways to find them

Needs to show histogram

The one thing this app really needs to do is show the histogram. This is the reason I can’t give this app 5 stars. It would also be great if you added a way to input exact numbers or made a sliders a bit less finicky. That being said, kudos for selling a complete app for a single payment, unlike pretty much all the others which sell you half an app then ask for more money for features or have some terrible subscription model.

Such a Great App!

When they say it’s an “all in one app” they really do mean it! It’s worth the money and I’ve been able to do so much with my photos since I got this app. The light leaks, the dust feature and being able to create my own filters has been such an amazing and fun experience. They’re constantly doing updates too! Its not doing anything, but getting better! Great work, Afterlight 😩


I hate to write bad reviews, but this app is NOT WORTH IT. I have to restart the app at least 5 times every time I use it, because it shuts down. Gives me an “error” message. To be a non-functional app when you have to pay for it is a waste of time and money. Find something else

I love the app but…

I’m experiencing minor crashes every time I try to save an edit on a picture and the app just force closes. If you could please fix this!

Freaking amazing.

I had the original Afterlight for a month or so and used it along-side VSCO until I deleted Afterlight cause I didn’t like it. I finally decided to buy the new one to see what it is all about. I highly, and I mean HIGHLY recommend this app. I just got it today and I’m obsessed. The new features are amazing, and THE FILTERS. I have so many themes I want to do for my Instagram now. I can’t express how much I love this app. I absolutely love all the tools and especially the Selective Saturation, game changer. I went back and edited some of my old photos and they look litterally 110% better. Again, as you can tell, HIGHLY recommend this, worth every penny and more.


An amazing App really love it, basically unlimited supply of Filters and appliances, could be more stickers but, it’s made up by the retro filters and great selection of stickers. This app is way more than a bang for you buck as this app is only $3 but, is way more with it than that.


oh mi oh mi tan buena aplicación me encanta

Enjoying every second

I’ve been using the first Afterlight, and I liked it, and used it 80-90% of the time for photo edits. When I herd Afterlight 2 came out, I was hesitant on the getting because I was thinking that it’s going to be the exact same, with barely to little changes. Then I looked into detail, and went with it; I’ve been using this app for 3days straight for my photo edits, and I can tell you this, I’ve been happy, and the reviews about it, have been positive. I enjoy the add-ons, and it’s been by far the best.


It’s awesome and it’s my favorite! Defininlty recommend

Hard to believe!

I really love this app for editing all my pictures! ✅☺️ it’s one of the best apps I’ve ever download, trust me... I am picky. Give it a try!👏🏼

Great Intermediate

Coming from VSCO made workflow easy; software features make this app very much worth the money.

Basically Obsessed

I’m just learning how to really edit my photos and Afterlight has been an amazing tool to expand my knowledge and learn how to make my photos look trendy and professional! I’d definitely recommend this app to anyone.

Crashes on RAW File Import

Wasn’t able to import RAW files that I had taken from a different camera. Did like the added curve adjustment features.

love it

I t makes me understand myself better!!!

I love it

I loved their first Afterlight app and was excited to try this one and they definitely didn’t disappoint. The new additions are amazing I can’t wait to continue using it.

Would be OK if it was stable

Lots of great features, but I haven't been able to use this app for more than minor edits because of instability. My photos simply disappear while I'm in the middle of editing them, sometimes after performing only a few edits, and I end up losing all my progress (can't hit "Done" because it then waits forever, I can only cancel). Hope they fix it, until then I regret spending money on this.

3 years of use

I’ve been using Afterlight 1 for 3 years now, just purchased Afterlight 2 last night. While not a mind blowing update, Afterlight 2 is certainly much more streamlined and easy to use. New features like selective saturation really allow me to draw attention to specific parts of an image without blowing out the whole thing. As always very impressed, very happy, and very worth the price tag. If you’re looking for photoshop designed for iPhone, you’ve come to the right place.

A Noticeable Upgrade + Most Robust Photo Editing App

Some reviewers mentioned that the only difference from Afterlight 1 is a couple new filters — not the case! The filters may be mostly the same, but the control of the photo editing experience is vastly improved. You can now manually set your curves, view/rollback your history like layers, use blending modes on color and gradient fills, and more photoshop-like stuff. Far and away the most powerful photo editor on mobile — at least among those that have quality UIs.


I honestly do not think it is worth the money at all if you are looking for a good editing app go with ps express. It does an awesome job plus it’s free

Quick Editing

This is a great app for quick and easy editing. I’ve been using it to enhance a lot of images so far.

Needs one more touch

It is a five star but there should be a blur option on this, it would give more options to the users!


Used the first version years ago and just remembered it again! I LOVE IT! Adds the perfect touch for my feed!

Very useful mobile tool.

Though working on my photos in Photoshop on my Mac Laptop is my normal work flow, when I need to finish on iPhone I thank the heavens for Afterlight! Both the original and now the even more versatile 2.0. Talk about value.


Although this app is very similar to Afterlight, there’s many new features that make it worthwhile to get.

Nearly everything I want, NO SUBSCRIPTION

And it’s easy to use to boot.

Needs way more light leaks

Afterlight was better than Afterlight 2 due to this new versions lack of light leaks.

Afterlight 2

In love with the new app!!!! 💟


I am still learning all the ins and outs but this is by far the best photo app yet ! So much to manipulate , I’m having too much fun ! phyllcoble


I like this app is once of my favorites you should add again the frames in specially the vintages. For vertical and horizontal pictures I remembered the last version very nice please add again.


I think it's really rad, the only thing is I can't find the frame option? So I think it's missing

The only filter app you need period 🖤

I love everything! Todos 💙🖤💙


Every time i try and edit a photo the app closes on me. I don't know if it's because i have music in the background or what. Or because im using a iphone 6. Im sure its a bug so whatever it its please have a fix for this. I dint pay 2.99 just for this to crash every time i wanna edit a cool picture 🤦🏽‍♂️.

Won’t load images to edit

I haven’t had a single issue until now. But all of a sudden, my app won’t load photos to the edit page. It’s incredibly frustrating and inconvenient as I use it for work. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE. ASAP.


So many features on this app Iv literally not stoped playing with it since I downloaded this an hour ago If you like quality images this will definitely take your pictures to the next level AMAZING APP! I would give it 6 stars if I could.

Absolutely love love love!!!

I am a photographer and typically don’t like adjusting my photos with filters but that is what is in these days. This app is super easy to use and gives you the look of using film photography with the light leaks and grain specs. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone professional or not. It gives your images that extra ummmph they just need sometimes.

Good, but I can’t get rid of Afterlight 1 until the do this...

Afterlight 2 is good, but why aren’t all of the lightleaks & other overlays from Afterlight 1 included in the second edition? What’s more I can’t change the color of the lightleaks like you were able to do in Afterlight 1. Do the devs plan on addressing this oversight?

Images Turn Out Blurry

Would be a great app. Please fix quickly. Uninstalling and downloading again doesn’t help.


Every time I try to make an edit on photos I send to my phone from my camera it crashes. It’s sad because of one, the cost and two because this app has so much potential with all of the features that make it very similar to a mobile version of Lightroom. It’s very frustrating as a creator to keep losing the edits I’m making half way through the process every. single. time.

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