Afterlight 2 App Reviews

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I like it so much

Shutter shutdown

It randomly shuts down a lot. Other than that, the effects are great!

Great tool

Just discovered this!!! Nice way to create some really cool ideas!

Really not impressed

So I paid 3 dollars for this app after ready the reviews and I was excepting it to be great but instead the app has crashed 3 times and my phone has started lagging. I also thought there was a way to change the color of the light leaks but unlike afterlight 1 there is not which is super disappointing. None of the filters are working either and the app all together is just laggy and glitchy. It seems like a great way to edit pictures but unfortunately for me it’s not working.


Crashes every time I edit in the middle. so annoying! I get the perfect pic and it crashes and I have to re-do all over again never getting the same effect! Bummer and waste of money

What happened to FRAMES?!

I had the Afterlight legacy app which I suspend almost exclusively for the frames option. Can we get it back, please?

under one condition.

So I’ve been using the original Afterlight for years and I was very excited to download Afterlight 2 but the problem I have with it is that every time I try to save a picture, it crashes but other than that everything is fine.

New Bug

When I select a photo and click on “hue”, it crashes.

Not feeling it

If it ain't broke, don’t fix it. What was a fun easy app, is now less than ordinary and too much like the others. Why did you remove the original?

Terribly slow

I love this app, I really do. I wish I could use it more but it’s sooooooo slow to load my photo library. I have the iPhone X and it takes literally 60-80 seconds to launch this app. And then when I switch apps and come back it’s like another 20 seconds. My advice: this is a great app for those with smaller photo libraries. (I’ll update my rating and review if and when the app is updated with speed improvements.)


Very fun

Where is the framing tool??

Update my review: Thanks for give me an answer so fast. Now I see that the tool was there, sorry, we users were used to the old version, I still like more the place where the tool was before. And the shapes, I didn’t use them so much, but they were kind of cool, I would bring them back. __________________ The framing tool to ad border to the photos is missing, one of my favorite thing, now I have to find a new app

Awesome upgrade

Love the new tools and quality!

Constantly crashing

I wanted to like this app, but I can’t even use it because it keeps crashing. Waste of money.

worth it!

My go to app for editing photos.. this is everything I need..

Less Filter Options

I’ve been using Afterlight for years and have enjoyed it. I have to say, the original app has a much larger variety of filters compared to the new one.

Simply Perfect

Just like the previous version Afterlight 2 is my go to tool for working on photos. I don’t even think about it. The feature set is perfect and the workflow effortless. It doesn’t make me think: when I want to modify a picture I don’t have to worry about what to do to make that happen; I can concentrate on the work. The tool stays out of my way. It seems like a simple thing, but that sort of simplicity I excruciatingly difficult to produce. I’d pay twice the price without blinking.

Good for developing photos

Best $3 I’ve ever spent!!


I used Afterlight for years and every time I got a new phone I made sure I downloaded it. I loved it. Then I get on my phone and realize the app is not there anymore, and then... bam In the App Store there’s a new afterlight. I’m like “cool, ok. It’s 3 dollars, uh ok, but it’s most definitely probably worth it.” I buy it. I open it up to edit my picture, and everything is different. I’m trying to find my favorite filter and I just can’t. So I try to find something similar and I just stick with that. I’m actually disappointed. I feel what was so easy to maneuver through has now become so much more complex. I hope I can eventually learn to love it as I did the original, but for now I’ll be looking for new photo editing apps.


Epic app. Love it. Super simple, customizable, and you can create your own filters!!

Stick with Afterlight 1

As another reviewer stated, there’s really no reason to get this if you have the original. I bought this partly in protest of VSCO’s walling in of new features to their annual fee. However, I quickly realized this app is largely a reskin of Afterlight 1. Notably, frames/borders are missing altogether; this was a feature I used frequently in Afterlight 1. Further, the quality of filters is noticeably poorer than VSCO in my option. Here, they appear artificial. I also found it difficult and unintuitive to try and create my own to save and use for future use. Overall, I’d say VSCO>Afterlight 1>Afterlight 2. At the very least, all of Afterlight 1’s features should be included here. I hope my money might go to such additions.


I can't list one problematic thing about this app.

Great app!

You can tell the developers of this app spent a lot of extra time getting the perfect user interface. The controls are super responsive and the previews are fast. It’s a simple process to apply quick micro adjustments, saved presets, or go deeper with layers and overlays. As a photog/designer, Afterlight 2 is what I’ve been waiting for!

The circles are back!

I can finally delete the old Afterlight. Thanks!

Consistently adding great features

I have to up my four-star review to a five because Afterlight’s devs really keep coming through. Enlight is still the app to beat, but I’m hopeful that, given the rate and quality of updates, Afterlight 2 will be my primary editing app in the near future. Fingers crossed, but until then, it’s still a stellar app that’s absolutely worth the few bucks they modestly ask.

My Ride or Die Photo Editing App

I started using the first Afterlight several years ago, and never used anything else until their newest launch of Afterlight 2 came out. What I love about this app is that it allows me to create a seamless color theme on my Instagram, but beyond that, the pre curated filters are so stinking beautiful. They don’t look overdone and they don’t minimize the quality of the photo. They add the perfect artsy flair. I also love all the new effects added to this app, and the fact that it’s a one time purchase. They keep adding more cool effects and i don’t have to continually purchase them as they’re released. I recommend this app to literally everyone. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Much better now

All the old features coming back into this version along with exciting new tools. Fantastic app now.

Full featured without in app purchases and subscriptions

This is a great photo editing app that doesn't bait and switch you. It has a strong set of tools and a solid UI Only suggestion: non-destructive crops. Sometimes I crop and then edit and decide to go back and change the crop. It seems like cropping needs to be the last step of your workflow because you can’t recover anything you cut out later.

Wide selection of tools

I love the wide selection of of tools and filters that are made available. One of my favorites is the selective saturation. What I like about this app that others don’t do is that when you make a change. For example, slide the sharpen button up to 100 (the max) it will save the change as kind of a new image and put the slider back to zero but keep the changes. This lets you go beyond the limits of the slider by just putting it to the maximum multiple times I only gave it 4 stars because it does not truly support RAW editing. I mean, sure you can upload a RAW file but it will just turn it into a JPEG and let you edit from there. I would like this app to be able to take advantage of all the data stored in the RAW files so that we can make adjustments without having as much noise or distortion. I know this takes lots of processing power but I believe newer phone like the iPhone 10 and 8 have what it takes. I understand that this would be difficult and most people probably won’t use this feature but I would happily pay another $20 for this feature if it was made as an add on (just please don’t make it a subscription). I would like to see a burning and dodging tool as well (darkening and brightening in specific areas). Also can you add a layers system (kind of like photoshop) that way when we want to get rid of a change we don’t have to get rid of all the changes that came after it? Thank you for your time. I hope you take these thoughts into consideration for the future.

More crashes than the 405 Freeway

No matter if it’s an image taken with my phone or uploaded from my camera, EVERY TIME I attempt to edit, the program crashes. Refund!

Dope for as long as I can use it

The app from what I can tell is cool and the filters and effects are cool, but every time I'm putting the finishing touches on a photo, crash. Photo lost and I have to start over only for it to crash once again. Don't know if it's just my phone but it's annoying and from I can tell it's fun to use but I can't get too far without losing my creation


Juicy photo editing options, pro tools and easy to use!

Go to App

It seems I always finish up going to Afterlight and finding the things I need to polish up an image. Great tool for creative work.

I Love This App

it’s worth the buy🤗 . I’ve never been so satisfied with an app I was a lil cautious about purchasing it because so many apps crash after you buy them but not this one. Follow me on Facebook to see my work: Yessina caicedo

Constant Crashes

Bought this app because I was a user of the original Afterlight. Since I downloaded it I can't use the filters or selective saturation, the two elements I'm most interested in, without crashing.

My obsession 😍

I used to use multiple apps for one photo but now I only use this one. I love all the new features! My photos have absolutely transformed.

Afterlight 1 is better

I prefer afterlight 1. And snapseed is much much better. I did not see much difference between afterlight 1 and afterlight 2.

Hard to distinguish..

This app has lots of great features but it took me a while to figure out how to use seemingly simple tools. Maybe point out what certain tools do in an more obvious way.

So far so good!

So far this app is great, Afterlight has been my go to photo editor for as long as I can remember. Afterlight 2 really pushes creativity to a whole new level, while I still have to figure out all the features , I’m leaving this review as my first thoughts 😊 edit: after having this app since it came out, im so so happy how far it has come. i freaking adore this app so much. it is super cheap for as much as it can do, they should release an afterlight 3 with reshape and relight and smooth options like facetune 2 , and charge even $10-20 i would still buy. amazing app

Immediately deleted it

Honestly, Snapseed does a lot of this for free, affinity photo does everything this app does and a lot more. was looking more of a Lightroom replacement if anything, has a bunch of filters, I give it that much, but nothing really special about it, I’m glad I didn’t spend much on it.


Nice frames now

I’ve been using Afterlight for years, and I’m disappointed that this new version is still slow.

I love Afterlight. I really do. Its been one of my primary iPhone photo editing apps for years, mainly for the filters. I really love the color overlay in this new version, as well as all the new filters. They’re awesome! What I’m disappointed in, is that Afterlight (1) always tended to be on the slower side. Not just compared to other photo editing apps, but even compared to other apps in general. I was really hoping that would change with this app. But saving photos causes it to freeze, picking filters sometimes makes it freeze. It’s not close to the end of the world, but it is frustrating. You guys rock. I’ve been Afterlighting for years and I’m going to stick with it

Muy básica!

No vale la pena comprarle ya que tiene pocas funciones es mejor la Afterlight 1


There was a lot of hype over this app and I really wanted to like it, but it doesn’t seem to do anything you can’t find in free alternatives.

Creates pictures of our infant

Upgraded our phone to 8+ for better pictures of our infant. Needed an easier way to edit as we have little time to use PSE anymore. This is easy enough for the sleep deprived to use to make beautiful pictures while they nap!


Is it me or have they removed frames?

Love love love!

Honestly this app is so much better than any other editing app I’ve ever had, even the first Afterlight which is what I use to ALWAYS use so I’m so happy this one came out :) definitely loving!

Crashes when skewing

The app continues to crash when I try to skew my images. Please fix this is very frustrating.

Glitchy still

Glitches all my photos and filters to a black and white live tv kind of picture.


So many amaiznf things so many dumb apps make you pay then you have to keep buying stuff just to be happy this u but get the whole package amazing

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